Introduction to Free / Open Source Databases (Part - 4)

EyeDB is a ODMG 3 specification based on object-oriented database management system for C + + and Java provides a programming interface, it is very powerful and mature, stable and secure, in fact, it originated in 1992, Genome View project it was rewritten in 1994, is widely used in bio-informatics project.

txtSQL is an object-oriented database management system, flat file, it uses PHP prepared to support the operation of ordinary text files, although a text database, but also support a subset of SQL, and the efficiency is very high, txtSQL use file systematic approach and principles of MySQL database tables and similar, it has a management interface similar to phpMyAdmin

db4o is an object-oriented open-source database that allows Java and. NET developers to store and retrieve a single line of code any application objects, without pre-defined or maintain a separate, rigid data model because models are based by db4o be automatically created and updated. db4o success of the secret is because it's ease of use, which originally born a Java and. NET design.

Tokyo Cabinet is a Kay / Value-based database, the length of each Key and Value can be different, Kay and Value can be either binary data, it can be a string, no data tables and data types of the concept record is a hash table, B + trees and an array of fixed-length form of organization. Tokyo Cabinet has the following advantages:-
  • High utilization of space: The data file size smaller.
  • And high efficiency: Faster processing speed.
  • Concurrent performance is good: Better performance in multi-threaded environment.
  • Improve availability: Simplified API.
  • To improve reliability: Even in the case of a disaster, data files will not be damaged.
  • Support 64-bit architecture: Support for massive storage space and large database files.
Tokyo Cabinet is written in C for C, Perl, Ruby, Java and Lua provides the API. 

Voldemort is a distributed Key / Value storage system, which has the following features:-

  • Automatic data across multiple servers to replicate.
  • Automatic data partitioning, so each server is only a subset of the overall data.
  • Server failure handling is transparent.
  • Java Serialization Support plug-in serialization, allowing rich Key and Value types, including lists and tuples can also be integrated common serialization framework, such as Protocol Buffers, Thrift, Avro and Java Serialization
  • Supported versions of data items, even in failure cases, data integrity can be protected.
  • Each node is independent, no other nodes in the coordination, so there is no central node.
  • Single-node performance excellence: According to the machine configuration, network, disk systems and different data replication factors, the implementation of 10-20k per second operation.
  • Support geographically distributed deployment.
  • LinkedIn is currently used by Voldemort to solve storage problems with high scalability.

CUBRID is a comprehensive open source relational database management system highly optimized for Web Applications, especially when complex business services process large amount of data and generate huge concurrent requests. By providing unique optimized features, CUBRID enables to process much more parallel requests at much less response time. With CUBRID, companies will benefit from superior performance, stability, scalability, and high availability required by organization to provide non-stop services to their valuable customers.


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