Oracle CEO is the Richest Man in the World

According to Oracle CEO Lawrence (Larry) Ellison is on 6th place of World Richest People and he is also on 3rd place in American richest. Database giant has bought 57 companies in the past five years. Completed $7.4 billion buyout of Sun Microsystems in January and also acquired BEA Systems for $8.5 billion in 2008. Larry Ellison Studied physics at University of Chicago.

Net Worth:
$28.0 bil
Self Made
Country Of Citizenship:
United States
Redwood City, California
University of Chicago, Drop Out
Marital Status:
Married, 2 children
    Figures from 

Won America's Cup in February


  1. All I can say is Congratulation to Oracle CEO who is the richest man in the world. I want to say this blog is one of my favorite blogs where I get lot of information related to Oracle and technologies in the market. Keep it up.


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