Useful Remote Connection Tools for Linux System Administrator

PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Windows and Unix platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator. The latest version is beta 0.60.

Some features of PuTTY are:

• The storing of hosts and preferences for later use.
• Control over the SSH encryption key and protocol version.
• Command-line SCP and SFTP clients, called "pscp" and "psftp" respectively.
• Control over port forwarding with SSH (local, remote or dynamic port forwarding), including built-in handling of X11 forwarding.
• Emulates most xterm, VT102 control sequences, as well as much of ECMA-48 terminal emulation.
• IPv6 support.
• Supports 3DES, AES, Arcfour, Blowfish, DES.
• Public-key authentication support.
• Support for local serial port connections.
• Self-contained executable requires no installation.

WinSCP is a Windows environment using open source graphical SFTP SSH client. Supports SCP protocol. Its main function is to secure local and remote replication of files between computers. This software can also combine pietty, to facilitate the user's remote login. According to their website WinSCP version 4.2.8 has been released.

Some Features of WinSCP are:

• Graphical user interface .
• Multilingual.
• Perfect integration with Windows (drag and drop, URL, shortcut).
• Supports all common file operations.
• Support based on SSH-1, SSH-2 for SFTP and SCP protocols.
• Support batch scripts and command line.
• A variety of semi-automatic, automatic directory synchronization.
• Built-in text editor.
• Support for SSH password, keyboard interactive, public key and Kerberos (GSS) authentication.
• With Pageant (PuTTY Agent) integrated support for various types of public key authentication.
• To provide Windows Explorer and Norton Commander interface.
• Optionally store session information.
• There can be set in the configuration file instead of registry for the operation of mobile media.
• WinSCP can do all basic file operations, such as downloading and uploading. While allowing for file and directory rename, change properties, set up symbolic links and shortcuts.
• Two optional interface allows users to manage remote or local files.
• Connect to remote computers.
• Use WinSCP to connect to a provide SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) or SCP (Secure Copy Protocol) services, SSH (Secure Shell) server, typically UNIX servers. SFTP included in the SSH-2 package, SCP in SSH-1 package. Two protocols to run over in a future version of SSH. WinSCP supports both SSH-1 and SSH-2.

FileZilla is a free open-source and cross-platform FTP solution, divided into client and server release, with all of the FTP software features. In Windows, Linux, MacOS X are under the corresponding version. Software license for the GPL. Controllable, coherent interface and simplified management of multi-site approach makes Filezilla client version as a convenient and efficient FTP client tool, FileZilla Server is a compact and reliable support for FTP & SFTP for FTP server software. According to their website FileZilla Client version has been released.

Xmanager Enterprise enables users to control remote server systems, to use remote applications, and to transfer files and printing jobs between heterogeneous systems securely from their Windows workstation so that it makes possible to integrate the entire corporate computing resources into a networked whole for each user Different with putty, it only needs a window you can control hundreds of units at the same time Linux / unix server. Linux / unix system administrator must have one software, extremely powerful functionality.

• X-shell in the garbage situation better than the putty.
• X-browser can be a very good control from the windows desktop, Linux desktop, especially the Linux operating under the oracle database.
• X-sftp very convenient and secure upload and download Linux / unix server thing, especially in the under windowsXP; support for FTP and SFTP.


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