Best Tools for Oracle Database Administrators

TOAD for Oracle

Tool for Oracle Application Developers, a very popular tool with a large user base. Includes SQL Editor, Schema Browser, Procedure Editor, SQL Modeler.

Knowledge Base for Oracle Administration

A must have online reference/companion for any Oracle DBA. Saves time searching books for syntax, troubleshooting and research. Great error message guide for developers, plus a comprehensive study guide for Oracle7, 8, & 8i OCP exams with test questions.

SmartDBA Cockpit

SmartDBA Cockpit (previously known as WebDBA) helps you manage your Oracle databases from the convenience of your Web Browser. It allows you to interactively access and administer your databases remotely, and has almost all the features for the day to day working of DBAs.


KeepTool's tools are a suite of user-friendly, well-architected, resource-frugal components designed to fit your enterprise's Oracle-centric roles, be they modellers, architects, developers, DBAs or even data operators.

DB Tools

A comprehensive set of 22 tools. Included are a PL/SQL Editor and Debugger, SQL and application profiler, user and storage management tools, Oracle capacity and resource plans management, test data generation, benchmarking, scheduled job management and profiling and so on. DB Tools for Oracle latest version is


ManageIT improves database management productivity by the use of a common graphical interface. It streamlines administration tasks like object, user and space management. Supports Oracle v7.2 and later, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Informix and UDB databases.

DBDiff for Oracle

DBDiff for Oracle is a database utility that performs a comparison between two Oracle databases. DBDiff for Oracle latest version is  3.0.


  1. Oracle is widely used in business purposes hence its important to know about Oracle tools. This post explain some very important tools for Oracle. TOAD is the one which is very popular. Carefully read the description of every tool and see the difference.


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