Linux Directory and disk usage related commands

1) Given below command gives a list of files and directories in a long listing (even hidden 
files will be displayed), human readable sizes, KB, MB. Also sorted by time (-t) and 
in reverse order (-r) i.e. Newest in the end of listing.

[root@badar /]# ls -l -h -a -t -r

2) Given below command captures lines showing directories only page by page, to check 
for files use ^f. (This ^ d or ^f is NOT ctrl-d or ctrl-f)

[root@badar /]# ls -l | grep “^d” | less 

3) To check for free space on your partitions:

[root@badar /]# df -h

4) To check for the used space by a particular directory:

[root@badar /]# du –c –h /home/shaheer
[root@badar /]# du –s –h /home/shaheer


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