Create Tables in Oracle Database using TOAD

In this tutorial I am sharing how to create a table in Oracle Database using TOAD for Oracle Software. A table is a database object created by users to store data in the form of rows and columns. A table is the basic unit of storage. Table can be created at any time, even while users are accessing the database. A database table consists of column that needs to be defined when creating the table. Table can have up to 1,000 columns. A table must conform to some standard database object-naming conventions. Follow the given below steps to create table in Oracle Database using TOAD software.

1)      Connect to the schema.

2)      On Database Menu click on Schema Browser option.

3)      In Schema Browser click on Tables tab. I am connected to Oracle Database through SYS schema therefore default tables shown on Tables tab. On Tables tab there is a create table button, click on that option to create new table.

4)      Schema by default selected, enter table name and create columns using selection of Standard option.

5)      Click on Physical Attributes table and select Tablespace for your table.

6      If you want to view the script of create table then click on Show SQL button.

7)      Click on OK button to create table.

8)      Verify your newly created table by entering table name within ( *  ) in shown tab.


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