Create Simple ADF Form using Oracle JDeveloper 11g

In this post i will show you how to create simple ADF Form using Oracle JDeveloper 11g. I have create simple employee form based on employee table i.e. created in database. Using following steps i have create the form.

1) Create Application and Entity Objects
2) Create View Objects based on entities
3) Linking View Objects with Application Modules
4) Finally Create JSF Page


1) Oracle JDeveloper 11g
2) Employee Table in Oracle Database

Create Application and Entity Objects

 Open JDeveloper and chose default role.

Choose New Application from  Menu.

Enter Application Name MyFistADFApp Application Package adf.demo and Select Fusion Web Application (ADF) in Application Template.

Create Connection in Application Resource Section on the left pane. Right Click on Connections Select New Connection and Choose Database.

Create Database Connection Screen will open, enter connection name as DBCONN, enter Database username and password and Test connection it should appear Success

Click Right on Model Project choose NEW

select ADF Business Components and choose Business Components from Tables from Items Click OK as shown in the slide

By Default DBCONN Connection will appear Click OK

Choose the Employee table to selected area and rename the Package name to adf.demo.model.entities

On the Application Module Step rename Application Module as HIRSModule and package to click Finish

The above all steps will create the Employee Entity with Application Module in the Model Project

Creating View Object based on Employee Entities

Click Right and choose New on Model Project Choose View Object

Enter View Object Name EmpView change package name to adf.demo.model.view click Next

Move the Employee entity to the selected area and check the updatable option

Move all Fields to the selected area

Click Finish Now Model Project is ready to create ADF Form

Linking View Object with Application Module service

In the Model Project Section Open HIRSModule.xml under and go to Data Model Page

Select EmpView on the Available pane and move it to Data model side under HIRSModule and Save all

Creating JSF page

 Right click adfc-config under Page Flow directory in ViewController Project and select Open

Drag & Drop View Activity from component palette named it employee

Double click the employee view activity select Blank Page click OK. Jdeveloper will open one default layout.

Select the EmpView from the Data Controls section
Drag and drop it to employee.jspx page and Choose ADF > ADF Form from the Menu

Select all fields as shown in the slide and check Include Submit Button and Navigation Controls

Your form should appear like this

Click in the structure pane the af:document and set the Title property on the right side the to Employee

Save all and Right click to Choose Run on employee page. That's all Output will be appear on browser.


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