How to fetch Data from Oracle Database to Microsoft Excel

Recently my Team Lead gave me the task to fetching the data from Oracle Database in Microsoft Excel through Microsoft Query. After spending some time in R&D I was successfully completed this task and now I am sharing my knowledge and steps to fetch data from Oracle Database to Microsoft Excel.

1) From the Data tab in MS Excel, click From Other Source icon

2) From Choose Data Source window Select New Data Source and click OK

3) From Create New Data Source window give the Data Source Name and select Microsoft ODBC for Oracle as Driver from the list.

4) Enter Databse User Name, Password and Server

5) Select Oracle Databsae tables and its Columns from Query Wizard-Choose Columns

6) Filter the data to specify which rows to include in your query.

7) Specify how you want your data sorted.

8) Select Retrun data to Microsoft Office Excel

9) From Import Data window - Select how you want to view this data in your workbook

10) Extracted Data


  1. and can we do it in the opposite
    tahat ie from the excel to back to the oracle database


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