How to Fix Database Column Alias name problem in Microsoft Excel

Database Column Alias name caused the query to fail problem when try to Microsoft Query to return data from some third-party database into Microsoft Excel. The error message that you receive depends on the data source that you use. I am using Oracle Database 10g and because the use of column alias name Microsoft Query generate ‘ORA-00923: FROM keyword not found where expected’ error.

A supported hotfix is available from Microsoft and this hotfix is prebuilt in Microsoft Excel 2007. In the following steps I will show you how to enable hotfix for Excel 2007.

1) Exit all office programs
2) Click start, and then click run
3) In the open box, type regedit and then click ok
4) Locate, and then click to select the following registry subkey: HEKY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\query\options
5) After you select the subkey that is specified in step 4, point to New on the Edit menu, and then click DWORD value.
6) Type AllowAlias, and then press ENTER.
7) Reghit-click AllowAlias, and then click Modify.
8) In the value data box, type 2, and then click OK
9) On the File Menu, click Exit to exit Registry Editor.

After applying above solution Column Alias problem will be resolved.


  1. Thanks! This works perfectly in Office 2010 as well.

    You may need to create the "Option" key if it does not exist already


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