Overview of 1Z1-151 Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Build Applications with Oracle Forms Exam

Today I was appeared in the beta exam of 1Z1-151 Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g: Build Applications with Oracle Forms. The exam was too lengthy and in the duration of 3 hours total 282 questions were given. I was hardly attempt 150 questions. Some of the questions that were asked in the Oracle Fusion Middleware 1Z1-151 exam are given below.

  1. Why would you want to create a control block in a form module?
  2. Some forms that you wrote have been through part of the testing cycle. One of the testers has reported encountering a Navigation Trap in your form. Which scenario could have caused the Navigation Trap?
  3. Which built-in should be used to invoke one form from another form so that you can navigate between the two?
  4. Which built-in always starts a new Forms run-time session when you use it to invoke another form?
  5. Which built-in can you use to programmatically set the validation status for all records in a block?
  6. You are creating an application on a Window PC, and you want to test a form. What are two ways to start an OC4J instance on the PC?
  7. You start an OC4J instance on your development PC and then run a form from the Forms Builder. Which statement describes the behavior of OC4J?
  8. There is a stored procedure in the database called Raise_Salary which must be called without any parameters. There is no Raise_Salay procedure in the form or in the attached library. A When-Button-Pressed trigger in the Employee form contains this code. Raise_salary; where dose from search for the Raise_Salary procedure?

Oracle 1Z1-151 exam was neither too hard nor too easy. It is good practice to take beta exam before appear in actual exam. Beta Exam Close Date is February 25, 2012 and Beta exam score reports will be available at Pearson VUE approximately 11 weeks after the close of the Beta Exam. Production Exam will release approximate 10 weeks from exam close date.


  1. What preparation did you take before the exam?

    1. nothing special. I have the practical experience in Oracle Development

  2. The question no.7 is so silly... why asking about OC4J, if Forms 11 uses Weblogic.. ook.
    I have taken also the 1Z0-141 exam and now i'm planning to take 1Z1-151. I'm curious if there are big differences between these two... maybe the questions are similar (if not the same
    (part of them)). Beta Exam Close Date is not February 25, 2012, but first was April 21, 2012 and now i heard it's May 19, 2012. Why it takes so much for this beta?


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