How to create domains in Oracle GlassFish Application Server

To create domain in GlassFish Server, open command prompt and change the directory to [glassfish installation directory]/glassfishv3/bin and execute the following command. The asadmin batch file is located in BIN folder that's way we change the directory location in command prompt.

# asadmin create-domain domainname

Change the domainname on your choice. Here I am creating a new domain called domain1 as shown below:

# asadmin create-domain domain1

This command takes several parameters. First parameter is to 'Enter admin user name', by default user name is admin and there is no password set, here I am accepting default setting. Other parameters are specify ports where the domain will listen to for several services like HTTP, Admin, JMS, IIOP, secure HTTP, and so on. Type the following command in the command lien to see these parameters:

# asadmin create-domain --help


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