How to run Virtual OS in Full Screen mode by using Oracle VM VirtualBox

Today I install the Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1.18 on Windows 7 and in VM VirtualBox I install the Windows XP on it. After the installation I found a issue that I can't usefully run Virtualbox in full screen mode. I switched to full screen mode, but the full screen consisted of the window surrounded by black space as shown below.

After doing some R&D I find a solution and here I am sharing the solution. If you want that your OS in Virtualbox utilize full monitor screen, you need to install the Virtualbox Guest Additions to do this. Install Guest Additions option is available in Virtualbox devices menu as shown below. Click on it.

Oracle VM VirtualBox Guest Additions setup will appear, click next to continue the installation

After the complication of installation restart your virtual machine.

Task completed the Guest Additions Icon will also show on Taskbar. On View menu in VirtualBox click on Switch to Fullscreen now your Virtual Operating System will full utilize your monitor screen. 


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