Create a New Domain in Oracle Weblogic Server for Oracle Webcenter Contant 11g

In this post we will see how to create a weblogic domain, it is a very important step that finaliz your configuration for Webcenter Contant Server run as a manage server in Weblogic. Here how we do it:-

Domain Creation in Weblogic Server

In the windows environment go to the [Middleware installation Path\Oracle_ECM1\common\bin]. In my case this is C:\OPT\Middleware\Oracle_ECM1\common\bin

From the Fusion Middleware Configuration Wizard chose Create a new Weblogic domain

Select domain source as shown in the screen short

Enter the name and location for the domain and its applications

Configure Administrator User name and password

Configure JDBC Component Schema, enter the schema name password and other required information as shown in the screen short

Test JDBC Component Schema

Leave the default values of Configure Administration Server and on the summary screen click create button to create the domain

Domain is successfully created check the Start Admin Server and click on Done.

How to Start UCM Server


Open command prompt and go to the your \Middleware\user_projects\domains\ucm_base\bin and than type the following command and press enter

startManagedWebLogic.cmd UCM_server1

UCM server will start after view minuts

Verify UCM Server Status

Login into Weblogic Server Console and in the Domian Structure click to expand Environment and then click on Servers. See the UCM Server is on Running state.


WebCenter Contant Login Page




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