How to Create a Weblogic Domain for Oracle Portal 11g R1 (

In order to create a domain for Oracle Portal 11gR1, we need to run the configuration tool from Webcenter. This can be found in the commons directory of the WebCenter:
[installation directory]\Middleware\Oracle_WC\common\bin

Execute config.exe
From the Fusion Middleware Configuration Wizard chose Create a new Weblogic domain
In the next screen we need to provide the components of WebCenter Portal we want to install in our domain. 

Select following components of WebCenter Portal: 
  • Oracle Webcenter Spaces
  • Oracle Portlet Producers
  • Oracle WebCenter Discussion Server
  • Oracle WebCenter Activity Graph Engines
  • Oracle WebCenter Personalization
  • Oracle WebCenter Pagelet Producer 
This will create a full domain with all the features of Webcenter Portal.

In the next step you need to provide a name for your domain and the directory for the domain

provide the name for the admin user and a password.

In the next step you need to configure the JDBC connections. You can modify all the schemas together by checking the checkbox right to each schema. Because we have used a single password for all the schemas and All the connections will be checked to see if they are correct and meet the requirements.

If everything went well, all the test should be successful and you can press the next button.

We are not going to modify anything else on the domain so just press next in the Select Optional configuration screen.

In the next screen press the Create button in order to create the domain. After some moments your WebCenter domain should be ready.

Press the done button to close the wizard.

Your domain is now ready to be used.


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