How to Install Oracle Webcenter Portal 11gR1 ( on Windows 7

In the previous post we have created required schemas for Oracle Webcenter Portal on Oracle Database 11gR2 through Repository Creation Utility (RCU). Now in this post we will continue the installation of Oracle Webcenter Portal 11gR1 on Windows 7 environment.

What is Oracle Webcenter Portal 11g

According to Oracle: WebCenter Portal is the modern user experience platform for the enterprise and the web. It consolidates the best user experience capabilities from a significant portfolio of leading portal products and related technologies to deliver a modern user experience for the enterprise.

Prerequisites for WebCenter Portal 11g
1) You need to install the database version in 10g or version equal to higher than

2) Oracle Weblogic Server 11g or higher

Download Link of Webcenter Content  

You can download Oracle WebCenter Portal 11gR1 for Windows from the given below link


Required Schemas for WebCenter Portal  
Following are the required schemas for Oracle Webcenter Portal on Oracle Database 11gR2
1) DEV_MDS (for  Metadata Services)
2) DEV_WEBCENTER (for Spaces and Services)
3) DEV_PORTLET (for Portlet Producers)
4) DEV_DISCUSSIONS (for Discussions)
5) DEV_ACTIVITIES (for Activity Graph and Analytics)


Open command prompt go to the folder where you extract Oracle Webcenter Portal source and execute the setup as per following command.

 > setup.exe -jreloc [your installed JRE location]
In my case it is as >setup.exe -jreloc C:\OPT\jdk\jre

New command prompt appear again enter JRE location and press enter

The Welcome screen provides some general information about the tool. On the left navigation, you can see the list of steps that will be followed during normal configuration. Click Next to move on to the next step.

The installer checks to make sure that the various system parameters and libraries are in order. Click Next to continue. If you encounter any error in the checks, look through the error logs and install the appropriate libraries. After taking appropriate action to fix the errors, you can click Retry to check whether the requirements are met.

The wizard prompts for the Oracle Home Directory. This is where the WebCenter components will be installed. The default is a subdirectory Oracle_WC1 under the Middleware Home directory. We select the default and click Next to continue.

WLS installation detected, Weblogic Server support available in Fussion Middleware Home

The wizard shows the Installation Summary screen listing the various components that will be installed and the installation location. Click Install to continue

The wizard shows the progress of the installation. It can take several minutes for all the components to be installed.

The Installation Complete screen informs the user that the installation has completed successfully. You have the option to save the details if you want to view it later. Click Finish to proceed.

Congratulations! we done the installion of Oracle Webcenter Portal 11g. In the next post we will Configure the Webcenter Portal domain in Oracle Weblogic Server.


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