How to verify WebCenter Portal 11gR1 ( Installation

Each domain has an adminServer which need to be started before we can start the managed servers and verfity the WebCenter Portal installation.

This can be done by executing the startWebLogic.cmd command in following directory: <middleware home>\user_projects\domains\webcenter_domain\bin

The admin server will now start. This can take a few minutes depending on your system.

The server has been started when you see following line on command prompt:

<WebLogicServer> <BEA-000360> <Server started in RUNNING mode>
You can open the console: http://localhost:7001/console

When you have been logged in to the console you can take a look at your environment by opening the servers page from the environment section:

There you can see the managed server that you need to start:
  • WC_Collaboration: contains the WebCenter services
  • WC_Portlet: used for deploying portlets
  • WC_Spaces: this is the WebCenter Spaces server
  • WC_Utilities: Analytics and activity graph.

I have allready started all services

The basic command for starting a managed server is the following:

startManagedWebLogic.cmd <managedServer>

For example in order to start the spaces server we need to execute following command:
startManagedWebLogic.cmd WC_Spaces

When you execute this command, some initializations will take place and after that you will need to provide the username and password of the admin user you defined during install.

Verifying WebCenter Portal Installation

To verify the WebCenter Portal installation open the browser and enter the following URLs.

To verify Enterprise Manager


To verify WebCenter Portal Spaces


To verify Oracle WebCenter Portal's Discussion Server


To verify Oracle WebCenter Portal's OmniPortlet and Web Clipping Portlets


To verify Oracle WebCenter Portal's WebCenter Activity Graph



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