Create and configure Oracle Database 11g for WebCenter Sites 11g installation on Windows 7

In this post we create and configure Oracle database 11g for WebCenter Sites installation on Windows 7.

Create Oracle Database 11g

Launch the Oracle Database Configuration Assistant from start menu --> All Program --> Configuration and Migration Tools

In the Operations screen, select Create a Database and click Next

In the Database Templates screen, select General Purpose or Transaction Processing and click Next.

In the “Database Identification” screen, enter the global database name and the SID.

I am leaving to mention some steps because these require click next and mention password.

In the Character Sets tab, do the following:

1) Select the Use Unicode (AL32UTF8) radio button.
2) In the “National Character Set” drop-down list, select UTF-8 - Unicode 3.0 UTF-8 Universal Character Set.

Click Finish to create database.

Create a New User for WebCenter Sites in Oracle Database 11g 

Connect to the newly created schema through Oracle SQL Developer.

Create new user and allocate Default Tablespace "Users" and Temporary Tablespace "Temp"

Assign Rolls to the user

Database Creation and Configuration is done. Now in the next post we create new domain in Weblogic Server 11g for Webcenter sites installation.


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