Difference between Assets and Asset Types in WebCenter Sites


An asset is an object created by a user populating the fields of a content entry form, similar to the one at the given below picture. In this example, the asset is an article, defined by field values entered by the user

For example (Choosing a Baseball Bat) in Name field,  (Choosing a Baseball Bat) in Headline field and text in Author and Body fields etc.

All the field values are define the asset. When we save, the asset is stored in Content Server’s database. The asset can be edited, inspected, deleted, duplicated, placed into workflow, tracked through revision tracking, searched for, and delivered to the online site.

Asset Types

The asset in our example is an instance of an asset type, defined in the content entry form by the names of the fields for example Name, Headline, Abstract, Body etc. Field names define the asset type. An asset type, is a specification a set of field names that are created by the administrator (and the system) in order to define the nature of the asset type. For example a news article, a job ad, an HTML document etc.



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