How to Create a Content Management Site in WebCenter Sites 11g

1) Start Weblogic Server
2) Open browser and enter the following URL
Log in as the fwadmin user.

You will then be asked to select a Site and select and App to login. From the “Site” drop down menu, select AdminSite and then click on WEM Admin. This will bring you to the WEM Admin interface

Click on Add Site. This will be brought to the “Add Site” screen

Enter Site Name and Description and then Click Save and Close. You will be brought back to the Sites page, where the Sites list will be updated with the newly created site

Next, assign access to the TechApp CM Site for the fwadmin user. Right-click TechApp, from the shortcut menu, select Manage Site Users. You will be brought to the “Manage Site Users” page.

Here I am selecting fwadmin user. Click continue

I am assigning following roles to the fwadmin user

1) AdvancedUser
2) Designer
3) GeneralAdmin
4) SiteAdmin
5) SitesUser
6) WorkflowAdmin

Click Save and Close. You will then be brought back to the Manage Site Users page, updated to reflect the fwadmin user as a user of TechApp Site

Logout and Login Back with fwadmin user. From the “Site” drop-down menu, your newly created TechApp CM site will appear.


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