Sunday, November 11, 2012

List of Default Roles in WebCenter Sites 11g

WebCenter Sites roles determine which interface functions are enabled or disabled for a particular user. A disabled function is hidden to the user if his or her role does not match that of the interface function. Following are the list of roles in WebCenter Sites 11g.

Role NameDescription
AdvancedUsersAdvance User
AnalyticsSupports analytics
ArtworkAuthorJunior Graphic Artist
ArtworkEditorSenior Graphic Artist
ContentAuthorContent Author
ContentEditorSite Editor
DesignerSite Designer
DocumentAuthorDocument Author
DocumentEditorDocument Editor
GeneralAdminGeneral Administration
MarketingEditorBrand Manager
ProductAuthorProduct Specialist
ProductEditorProduct Editor
SiteAdminSite Administration
SitesUserSites User
WorkflowAdminWorkflow Administration


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