Types of Services offered by Oracle in Cloud Platform as a Service - PaaS

Following types of services offered by oracle in their cloud PaaS environment.

RaaS (Runtime as a Service)

When the core execution platform such as the JRE/JDK is offered. For example Java CS.


Business Process Management in a cloud offering.

aPaaS (Application Platform as a Service)

Oracle cloud provided builtin and delivery framework such as Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery such as Jenkins, SVN etc.

MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service)

It is a composition of tools including thing like Node.js

iPaaS ( Integration Platform as a Service)

Its include Integration Cloud Services (ICS), SOA CS

DBaaS (Database as a Servcie)

Cloud hosted databases which may include mechanisms to expose data as webservice or even full apps for example using Oracle APEX.


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